Our replacement excavator to go to work in 2017 is a Hitachi 270-5 Excavator. The Hitachi had more cabin space and longer reach and was best value in comparison to other machines.


The below is a Volvo 250 DL

250 Volvo at work Volvo 250 DL in action

ELC can provide modern plant and equipment for your project. The excavators are fitted with mine specifications such as ROPS/FOPS/Estops/Fire Ex/Rails/Burst Valves and operator comforts such as hands free UHF radio for un interrupted communications

Excavators are listed below in order of year of manufacture

1) Hitachi 290-5 Grab- GP – Tilt- Skeleton – Ripper (2017) Mine spec. Bluetooth Phone, Wireless UHF (weight 30 tonnes)

2) VOLVO EC 250DL with grab/GP/Tilt Mud/Ripper (2016) Mine Spec (weight 27 tonnes)

3) VOLVO EC 240CL with grab/GP/Tilt Mud/Ripper (2014) Mine Spec (weight 26 Tonnes)

4) HITACHI 270 with grab/GP/Tilt Mud/Ripper (2012) Mine Spec (weight 30 Tonnes)